Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why I Have A Dog

Ok folks, one LAST blog about non-gardening, non herb things before I go back to our regularly scheduled bloggin...

Why I Have A Dog....

Because who else could snuggle in the curve of your arm this way?

Who else would oversee the watering of seedlings the way she does?

Or let the wind blow through their hair on a warm spring day?

Who else would help me vaccum and clean the house?

or remind me that it's quitting time for work and time to play...ball that is...

Who else would share an orange push up with TDH?

or model the clothes I make with such style?

And who else would bound with abandon in the tall grass as we explore our new farm...in her running suit of course...

Only my dog would.  That's why I have a dog.

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