Monday, March 16, 2009

Well there are truly some amazing things that happen in the spring. Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful here we just had to play outside. Since the tops of the cold frames were starting to peak through the three feet of snow surrounding them, I grabbed a shovel and started digging. In light of the nice weather, a little of me was hoping I could start planting them soon if I could just find them. To my surprise, once uncovered, there was still life in them! After being buried in four feet of snow since December and enduring sub-zero temps, the mache', freckles lettuce, and leeks and a few oinons were still green. We'll see how they recover now that they are subjected to sunlight and warm temps once again but its a good sign. The long sleep is over and new life is ready to begin anew.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, spring must be near. Our new high tunnel (a less expensive version of a greenhouse) was delivered today. It seemed really odd to put the pieces all in a pile of snow knowing that it will be months before we can erect this large pile of tinker toys but the sun was shining and it gas us hope that spring truly isn't as far away as it seems sometimes. This pile of pipe, screws, tape, connectors, and plastic will turn into a 26 X 48 growing structure that will hopefully allow us to grow more herbs for a longer season, keeping our customers happy longer. what a deal!