Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good People, Great Conversations

We were really pleased to have a great conversation with Lisa Hamilton on Monday.  Lisa is a writer and photographer from California who was here writing a story about the water issues our area faces.  Lisa's writing focuses on agriculture and food issues.  Being from California, where water shortages are the norm, Lisa is finding the story of the Devils Lake Basin fascinating.

Lisa arrived on Monday, mid wind storm and with rain blowing her into town, with only a windbreaker to keep her warm.  She had been in the area since Saturday and had already seen her share of water.  Having arrived at a time when overland flooding, overflowing sloughs, gushing culverts and the threat of more to come were abundant, Lisa found as much story fodder as water. 

Lisa's focus with us was the story of the people that have been affected by the water and the story of our business.  We had a great conversation with her about the great community of Churchs Ferry, its previous residents and still loyal supporters.  Lisa is delightful and we'd love for her to come back to the region in warmer, sunnier times to see the beauty of this area as well as the rich history, present and future of agriculture that we all share.  If you get the chance, visit Lisa's web site at: where she features her photography and background.

Lisa was saving a few dollars (and some heartburn) by cooking for herself while she is here.  I was pleased that even in the cold spring of Churchs Ferry, I had some bright green fresh chives to share with her.  Here's hoping they seasoned her little meatloaf to perfection!

Lisa, thanks for telling our story and here's hoping you can arrange a trip back when we're all at peak production.  Count on gardendwellers FARM to feed you full of great organic herbs!