Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowy Start to Winter
November came and with the arrival of December we have received some of the 'white stuff', yes, the 's' word - snow. Personally I love it. I know that the snow means my perennials are sleeping peacefully beneath a soft, protective blanket and that next spring there may actually be some moisture to wake them up.

We're already starting to receive inquiries about tours and speaking engagements. I would encourage anyone anticipating a visit to the farm or wanting us to speak at an event to contact us soon. Usually, right after the holidays is when we start to book up quickly and dates become unavailable in a hurry.

I'm also waiting until after the holidays - once the busy season of parties and visiting is over, I plan to work on our new web site. The site will be much more user friendly and hopefully be full of additional information for our customers. We're also hoping to add a store where you can purchase calendars and other merchandise with photos taken at the farm.
Please be sure to check back often to take a 'new look' at gardendwellers Farm.

We're also working on finalizing a few new photos for the art gallery. Many of you really enjoy our take-off on 'American Gothic'. We have two more in the works for you - 'The Flower Carrier' by Diego Rivera and 'The Angelus' by Jean Francios Millet. They should be as much fun as our original. We're hoping someday to have our own art gallery online with take-offs of many famous paintings.

For now, we wish for you a Happy Holiday season and our best wishes for
a Joyous New Year!
Barry and Holly