Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring? - Not yet, but close.

We're all getting a little antsy for spring. The cold wind has kept us from working outside as often as we would like and there's only so many games of scrabble you can play on yucky days. It's been great to have some extra help around here so we're well ahead of the clean up schedule just sitting and waiting for ground temps to go up and nighttime weather to stay well above freezing.

One sure sign that spring will really come is the rhubarb. It's already starting to pop up nicely and Barry has done his part to weed the forgotten ones.
The trees are starting to bud and I'm sure the nanking cherries and juneberries will be in bloom soon.
We think we have some people willing to come and help us out over Rhubarb Harvest (Memorial Day weekend) but we have to make the final phone calls. Remember, any and all help is welcome - but then again so are observers and visitors. May will be here before we know it!
Hang in there - spring is almost here!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Congratulation to JoAnn Rodenbiker, the winner of our email drawing for a gardendwellers tote bag. If you weren't in on the contest, its most likely because your email address isn't in our distribution list. Send us a quick note via email to be sure your address is on our list so you don't miss out on possible future offerings and notices.

The snow is almost gone and now the work begins. With the nice weather this week we've started doing the spring clean up. This is where having our son home will really come in handy. We've been without our 'free' help for a couple years and we really missed it. I made a list yesterday of things that needed to be done, it had 22 things on it. Of course, one of them was keeping our little dog Ida busy so she would leave me alone while I work. Now that I work from home she's determined to make sure I don't miss a break or lunch time and that plenty of playing ball is involved in those breaks.

Yesterday I seeded the snapdragons, sweet annie, anise hyssop and some salvia. It's kind of late I know but our snapdragons are always blooming before we're ready for them so this year I held off. The first round of herbs that were seeded weeks ago are now ready for transplant and the mobile greenhouse has made its first two trips outside. True signs of spring.

On Saturday we had our first class of the spring in the classroom. We had an 'Artists Spring Cleaning'. There were four artists that brought their projects to work on but mostly we just shared stories and laughed. It was potluck and everyone brought food so by the end of the day our tummies and our souls were full. It was great to share laughter and good ideas with friends. Thanks to Joan Youngerman, Deb Carlson, Kathy (Klang) Benson, and Karon Nelson for sharing the day with us.

We look forward to many more classes this spring and summer and hope to see all of you here!