Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Another Year of Harvest

Last week began our first harvests for 2015. 

Unlike conventional large farmers, our harvests are weekly and start in June and end hopefully in October.  It's a stressful time.  It's tough to wait to hear from your customers that the product they received is what they expected.  You work really really hard to plant, water, weed, then water and weed some more, and then harvest, package and deliver a high quality product.

This year, some of our product is being delivered to a grocery warehouse where it is then shipped to stores in Minnesota and North Dakota that we just can't get it to ourselves.  That was REALLY nerve put your product in the hands of someone else and hope that all went well.

When we called for orders this week, we found that indeed our herbs had landed in the grocery stores safe and sound and everyone was happy.  Our Minot customers especially, who have been with us for many years, were happy to have us back.

We were glad to have our summer help, Amber, back again.  It meant that we finished harvest and packaging yesterday in record time and even had time to go out last night and pick some of the Carmine Jewel cherries that were ripe.  Having time to do anything else on harvest day is almost unheard of here, making it an especially nice treat.

The one worry we've had lately, how dry it was, is not an issue anymore with two inches of rain soaked into the soil in the last three or four days I'm confident that we're ready for the heat wave coming our way in the next week.

We've got some busy times ahead with groups visiting and touring the farm and taking classes here and the Farm to Table Dinner and Social to prepare for, we'll have our hands full.  We love hosting people and teaching them about herbs and we still have a few open days, so if you have a group that would be interested in visiting or having a class, please contact us.

For now, remember to Live Life Well Seasoned!

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