Saturday, June 20, 2015

So What IS a Farm to Table Dinner?

The gardendwellers FARM Farm to Table Dinner and Social is sold out for this year.  We are taking a waiting list as a few folks have not yet paid for their tickets and just in case someone has a crisis come up and can’t make it – so if you know of someone who is wanting to be on the waiting list, please have them contact us. 

The tickets went fast, we knew they would.  Who doesn’t love a good picnic with beer?  But while we’re sure some signed on for the great North Dakota brewed beer, there’s more to a farm to table dinner than just the beverages. 


Farm to Table dinners are a way to connect the people that grew the food with those that are eating it.  It’s a way to showcase what a region or area has to offer, good things that fill our bellies and make us joyous for the bounty that comes from a place so beautiful.  It’s a time to meet new people, taste new tastes, and learn about new things. 

gardendwellers FARM has done dinners on the farm in the past.  We’ve featured our herbs used artfully in well prepared dishes and paired with beer or local wines.  These were fun events but they weren’t true Farm to Table Dinners like the 2015 event. 


Pictured in the photo: Stephanie Blumhagen of Meadowlark Granary gives us an inside look as she and her Dad plant the wheat that gets ground into flour that gets made into our dessert for the Dinner!  Doesn’t she look just like her Dad?

This year, it’s a true Farm to Table dinner, with as many of the ingredients as humanly possible sourced from farms, producers, and businesses that we know personally and that grow and create right here in North Dakota.  Of course we’ll use as many of our own fresh herbs as possible, but it’s also flour, bread, vegetables, meat and dairy products that are nothing but North Dakota goodness.  Before each course we’ll be telling you about each dish, where the food came from, and how it was made. 

In the coming weeks, we'll be telling the story of the ingredients in this year's dinner and along with that - the story behind the farms and small businesses that produce them.  Like the Meadowlark Granary, County Line Meats, The Double Batch, Slavic Heritage Farm, Pride Dairy, Fargo Brewing Company, and more.  Stayed tuned is we introduce you to our friends in food and keep you up to date with what is going on at the FARM.  Until then, Live Life Well Seasoned!


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