Friday, July 07, 2006

What a fun evening!

Last night I traveled to Cando for the 4-H achievement day where I was to put on a demonstration of 'my choice'. I chose, of course, weeds. My demonstration was entitled, 'Eat Your Weedies'. I brought along some freshly 'harvested' purslane, chickweed, plantain, and lambsquarters. I had handouts with the nutritional value of the weeds, their wholesale value in California ($9.00-$22.00 per pound!) and recipe's for making delicious summer salads with the weeds. I even brought along some of my own. I served up a wonderful summer salad with fresh garden lettuce and lambsquarters, some egg salad with chickweed, and creamed cucumbers with purslane. It was great fun. The people were wonderful and most of them at least wanted to try a bite. It is amazing how many people you can get to eat weeds - wonder if they'd come out to the gardens to graze?

Of course, 4-H is my favorite youth organization. I was a 4-H'er. My son was a 4-H'er and just attended the Youth conference where he was an outgoing ambassador for North Dakota (outgoing - as in he is now too old to be in 4-H and must at some point become a leader to stay involved). Doing my demonstration last night made me feel as though I was back in 4-H, talking about my project, receiving awards and meeting new people. I guess even way back then I enjoyed teaching people new things. It's still that way today as people come to the gardens and take classes and tours. Here's a hefty congratulations to all of the hard working 4-H'ers and best of luck at the state fair. Thanks for the great time.

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