Monday, July 17, 2006

This past weekend was the annual meeting of the North Dakota State Horticulture Society. As usual, I attended the meeting sans my favorite sidekick (Barry) and substituted my mother and friend Donna. It was held in Grand Forks where community parks abound and many wonderful home gardens as well. The heat was stifling and at one point during the trip I was virtually wilted but overall I learned a few things and saw some great home gardens. The best part was seeing people I only get a chance to visit with once a year. Members come from all over the state to the meeting and we all have a great time. Connie Laugerquist from the International Peace Gardens and I had ourselves in tears several times by telling humorous stories. It was really fun.

The other fun part was the silent auction and shopping at local greenhouses afterward. I came home with a few additions for the night gardens, another crabapple (what I need another crabapple for is beyond me and well beyond Barry) and some great rocks. Yes, rocks. There is a member from the Surrey area that makes great rock mobiles. It will be hung in the gardens as soon as possible for everyone to enjoy. Of course it will take a healthy branch to hold it but it is really cool. Can't wait to get it hanging. Another piece of ND garden art to add to the growing collection.
There are no public classes scheduled this week and only one private group. We will harvest for the first time later this week and be available at the Grand Forks farmers market this coming Saturday. Hooray! The sweet smell of Basil is on its way. Barry will also go to Minot this week and pick up the chopper for the second round of rhubarb harvest.

Monday July 24th is the Savory Sage class. We have plenty of room left in this class so please call and register so I can plan supplies. We'll look at the different sages and talk about their uses. We'll cook with sage, make a facial astringent, and a small sage wreath for decoration. It will be great fun so send us an email or call to reserve your spot.
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