Thursday, September 04, 2014

Why Buy gardendwellers FARM Herbs?

So here it is, the post about how gardendwellers FARM herbs are better than others.

I could spend a lot of space and words to tell you the benefits of buying local.  To explain why buying local supports small farms and farming communities, keeps farmland farming and productive and how it boosts local economies, but when it comes down to it - it's your money and you want a good product for your money.  I've never heard anyone sit down to a good meal and say, "My, this tastes like it boosted our economy by $100!"  Nope, never heard that!

What you want to know is "Am I getting my money's worth"?  So, let's take a look.
To conduct random quality tests, I regularly buy back a package or two of our herbs when we make deliveries to our customers.  By that time, our herbs have been on their shelves for a week.  I also regularly purchase herbs from our competitors.  Since the package I bought yesterday was dill, today we'll just take a look at dill but in future posts hope to also cover basil and mint, our two other biggest sellers.

This is the package of gardendwellers FARM dill I purchased yesterday in Minot:


These are photos of our competitors product.

Because we hand pick every piece we can ensure that our customers are not paying for a lot of stem that is not useable in their dishes.  Nothing against this particular competitor, but I was pretty flabbergasted when I opened up this package.  Let me assure you - like any consumer, I take a pretty good look at what I am buying and I TRY to buy the best of what is on the grocers shelf, even for this comparison testing.

You'll see that in our package not only was there a lot more useable product, but also the quality is better.  That's why we want you to buy gardendwellers FARM fresh herbs - because the quality is better.  And you deserve the best.

If you have recently purchased our herbs, especially mint or basil or thyme - please send us photos.  We'd love to compare your results with our product to our competitors photos.

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