Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work

This past weekend, we - with the help of some GREAT friends - tore down the high tunnel and moved it to our new farm.  The weather could not have been better or the company/help better.
Don Albertson came with his Bobcat.  After erecting the high tunnel a couple years ago without this piece of equipment, I can tell you how much time and trouble this little machine saved us.  Don worked from his machine and raised and lowered the workers to each area as needed.   With a 12 foot peak on the tunnel, reaching the top in a stable Bobcat bucket rather than a rickety ladder standing in the back of a truck box was a joy.  I'm sure OSHA would have shut us down, but it really was the way to go.  All Don asked in return was a cup of coffee. 

Then there was Bob.  Bob Nelson of Doyan came all the way over just to help.  Bob is the guy in the Bobcat bucket.  The one way on top...

Bob and his wife Marte Stensli-Holen raise vegetables, chickens, goats, cows, horses, and kids on their farm and participate in a CSA and farmers markets.  Marte stayed home with the children, Liam and Matthea and Bob came to lend a hand.  Thank goodness he did.  Bob is the kind of guy that is fun to work with.  He's a hard worker and quick.  He has a sunny disposition, interesting stories, good ideas and in general just the kind of guy you want to be around - makes you a better person just to be with him.

And of course we can't forget the Haus family. 
It's almost hard to imagine but we've been solid friends with the Haus family since before there was a 'family'.  My Rent-A-Kid Katie just turned 16.  All but grown and very beautiful, Kate is the creative imaginative daughter I 'borrow' every once in a while.  Her siblings, Emily, Anna, and Jarrod have grown up before my eyes and have turned into some very fun young people to be around.  If it weren't for them taking out all the screws and bolts on the baseboards, I'm sure the project would have taken much longer.  Their parents, Tom and Karen are our best friends. They dug perennials flowers to take home as their prize and pay. 
 With the high tunnel down by 3 PM and loaded on the trailer and brought home by 6:30, we even had some time to explore the new place with the Haus family.  Our little wood nymph Anna particularly enjoyed the trees.  Tom, who has a forge scrounged a few pieces of metal and Karen and I enjoyed a Caesar, uninterrupted as everyone explored.  The evening ended with a little wood tick picking, 8 showers, a discussion about Beaver Butt used in 'natural' raspberry flavoring and a off to a sound sleep for all.

Thanks so much to all of your friends who helped with this project.  Without you, this would have been a long, drawn-out, and painful process.  We can't thank you enough!  Now with any luck, we'll get it erected in its new and final home by end of July so we can get the fall basil planted on time!

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