Monday, April 16, 2012

You Know It's Windy When...

You know it's windy when...
The dog won't leave the steps and she looks like she's ready for take-off,

The wind sock has been parallel to the ground for days...

And I have a hard time getting outside to do things.  You see, even though I grew up in North Dakota, and I'm used to it, I really really hate the wind.  It most likely stems from a bad experience as a child - same goes for my dislike for swimming, but that's another story. 

I distinctly remember it.  I was in second grade and our teacher had us do the COOLEST art project.  We made construction paper frames then put clear plastic wrap down over the frame.  Then we got to go outside and find leaves and green things to put on the plastic wrap.  Lastly we colored and cut out great looking tropical fish and covered it with another sheet of plastic wrap.  I remember carefully choosing clover leaves for my greens and taking a long time to do it as I was looking for 4 leaf clovers.  I used my best coloring skills to make the fish - not easy for someone who didn't get to go to kindergarten.  I used just the right amount of glue so it wouldn't squeeze out when we put the top layer on and when it was done, in my eyes it was a masterpiece of a fish tank.  I was SO proud!  I couldn't wait to take it home and show my Mom and then hang it in my room.

The day we got to take our artwork home, the North Dakota wind was blowing away as usual.  My neighbor and I always walked the couple blocks home.  I carried my paper aquarium close to my chest and hoped it wouldn't rip.  Just then, a sudden gust tore it from my hands and down the block it flew.  It was mortified!  I ran and ran as fast as I could but could not keep up to the flying fish.  Just then, an angel appeared - well, not really...but she seemed like one to me.  A much older girl waiting with her mother in a car on the street, no doubt waiting to pick up a sibling from the elementary school, jumped out of the car and with lightning speed ran after my project and saved it!  She brought it back to me and as I wiped the tears from my eyes I can remember only being able to say 'Thank you, thank you" to her.  I never got her name, but even now, I vaguely remember what she looked liked.  If I could find her now, I'd tell her how much that meant to me and how thankful I was that someone helped me.  She helped me to carefully tuck the paper fish tank inside my jacket and I walked stiff all the way home to keep it safe.

So you see, wind is not my friend.  I can't wait for the North Dakota winds to subside just a little so going outside isn't such a chore. So outside work doesn't make you feel like you've been battling tigers all day, and so that we can get back to dogs that aren't ready for take off and wind socks that flutter instead of straightline.

Here's hoping this week is the week we get a break.

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