Friday, November 06, 2009

Blessings and Friends

We're coming up on Thanksgiving and I think it is important to take count of our blessings during this season. Harvest time has typically been a time of reaping and counting - and counting our blessings is a way to do just that.

This past week I was blessed by a new friend. Anne Hursh of Cando came into my life in July or so. She called out of the blue one day and asked if I would be interested in some lilie's. Of course I'm interested in FREE plants! Are you kidding??? I went to visit Anne and saw her beautiful gardens that have been tended with love for many years by Anne and her husband Lloyd. Surrounded by mature evergreens, their farm is an oasis with vegetable and flower gardens scattered throughout the beautifully landscaped farm yard. Anne is amazing, with some old age wear and tear creeping up on her health, she still is able to maintain a fabulous looking garden with the help of her family. She now needs to use a walker but Anne stays determined to garden.

Anne, who is originally fro Oregon where her family used to raise lilies commercially, loves her lilies and was willing to share them with me. So, a few weeks ago, she gave me a call and told me it was time to dig. On a sunny afternoon I picked up my shovel and a box and headed for her place. I came home with a big box full of lily bulbs, which I put in the ground immediately so the weather wouldn't sour on me and keep me from getting them planted. I also came home having made a new friend in the gardening world. I found Anne and Lloyd to be delightful and their gardens were candy for the eyes. What a blessing! Thanks Anne and Lloyd for the new additions to gardendwellers FARM. I hope I can keep them living and growing for many years and make you proud!

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