Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's been a while since I last wrote you anything, a sign of a busy season. The Produce Party 2008 went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. The wind came up a little bit in the afternoon but all was well.

Since then I've been teaching at WomanSong in Grand Rapids, ND, hosting some family from Washington state that I haven't seen for 20 years or so, working hard at my REAL job for MSU-Bottineau, and actually taking a night or two off here and there.

Fall is my favorite season and the time that I start to wind down. I know that there is still plenty to do, however I don't feel the urgency to do it that plagues me the rest of the year. We called it quits for the season with our customers this last week. The cold weather and rain really got to the Basil and the quality dropped below my standards so that was the end of delivering to Grand Forks and Minot. We still have some great stuff for sale here at the farm and might consider taking flowers to the Cando market if our schedule allows but otherwise, our season of selling is over. If it weren't for the cool weather and rain we could have gotten another two to three weeks out but I won't sell things that don't look great and the Basil doesn't look great.

Fall is a wonderful for exploring too -- look at what I found in the woods this week:

It's a nice little cup bearing clavaria mushroom, perfectly edible, always beautiful and a forest floor dweller. Sometimes great things come in small packages.
I also have taken a little time for myslef and the dog. Ida and I went to doggie class in Grand Forks for the first time today. We had a blast. She did pretty well for a beginner and will learn quickly. Her nose is what will get her in trouble though, within a few minutes she had sniffed out every tennis ball, dog toy and treat in the arena - what a girl! Wish us luck as we practice her new skills. Barry just came in and said it was break time (like I've been working so hard I need a break). Remember, you can always email us through our web site with comment, questions, or to book a time for a class or public presentation. It's never to early but sometimes too late!

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