Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yestereday was a beautiful day at the farm. We had a great giggling group of gals from the Lawton Lutheran Church - yes, Lutheran Ladies are a lot of fun. After their visit Deanna from the ND Division of Tourism showed up for a quick scout of the place before she brings the tour operators in August and finally we rounded out the day with our summer solstice laybyrinth walk. Lloyd and Bonnie Himle were with us in the class, what a great way to celebrate your anniversary. During our walk, the moose that have moved into town (two yearlings) were giving 'call' and it made a kind of eerie but fun sounds to contemplate as we walked the labyrinth.

Seems like all around the farm (Penn, Leeds, Towner, Devils Lake) has received some rain but as of 11:00 PM last night Churchs Ferry was still dry. Let's all pray for rain, we only have so many hoses and so much time. Things are powder dry out there and to be at their freshest the rhubarb and the herbs could use some moisture. My friend Christie knows how to do a rain dance that has worked in the past, I'm almost ready to give her a call.

Churchs Ferry day is this Saturday and the village will be filled with alumni and previous residents. Be sure to stop by and see what is going on. There is always good food, good door prizes, a great silent auction and at the end of the day some of the best small town fireworks I've ever seen. Barry and I will be there right away in the morning as WDAZ is coming to interview us and the I will be taking off for Minot where my nephew Brian is marrying his high school sweetheart after 10 years of dating - congrats Brian and Amy! Barry will give the tour at Churchs Ferry at 10 and then buzz to Minot to spend the rest of the day at the wedding and with family. Remember, if you're thinking of visiting the farm and need a guided tour, drop us a quick note or give a call to be sure we are there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Rhubarb Harvest is Finally Done!

Yesterday, Sunday June 4th we finally finished the last of the rhubarb from this harvest. A lot of thanks to Alex and Casey for their hard work and help in finishing this monumental task. We'll deliver to the winery on June 15th and find out then how much we really have. I know there is at least 2,000 pounds but we'll see if there is any more than that.

Now on to the rest of the chores. There's weeding galore to do, cleaning the pond, and even some planting left. These are the good chores though - the ones I like doing. Soon we'll be into class season. Our first class - Hypertuffa planters - is already full.

Barry hung some great lanterns on the arbor this weekend. As the days grow shorter they will make great evening/night accents in the theme gardens. This last winter I wrote a grant to the ND Historical society for an interpretive sign. We received the grant with help and administration from the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board. The sign arrived the other day and I have been busy collecting information to fill it. We hope to have it up within a week or two. Stay tuned for more information...