Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Days To Go!

Well, it's two days to the big event and I can't wait. This year we feel more ready than ever to receive all of the guests, both at home and the farm, than ever before.

We're all mowed and spiffed up at the farm and with the exception of one small weed patch, we're pretty weed free too. The straw bales for seating in the demonstration tent will be delivered on Friday evening courtesy of Ron Rodenbiker. The alumni worked hard last night and got the Alumni building all sparkling clean. It's fun to hear the old school bell ring and know that there is activity there again. The bathrooms are clean and few new 'pretty' items added for a homey touch. The mini motor home has a new mattress cover and the sheets are ready as one of our vendors will be spending the night there Friday night. Last night I mowed the labyrinth and the theme gardens and pulled the last of the weeds so now I think we're ready. As ready as we get anyway.

We're very glad to be hosting some friends who will come to town from Minnesota for the event. My dear friend from the college in Minnesota is coming with her family as are our best friends and ex-neighbors from Minnesota with their four kids. Our house will ring with laughter this weekend and as usual it will be one of the two times per year when our large house is actually filled and all the beds are used. The 'lodge' as we affectionately call it, is usually way too big for Barry and I by ourselves but twice a year (during the Produce Party and Deer Season) it fills to the brim with family and friends. That's when I like the house the best.

We hope to see you all at the Produce Party. We've ordered the weather especially for the day and have been promised party sunny with 72 degrees - Perfect!

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