Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Post Canadian Thoughts

While on our trip to Neepawa Manitoba to present at the Manitoba Horticultural Association conference we were asked to share our presentations so that people could see the notes and some of the tables/slides that weren't included in the handouts.  We feel pretty honored that folks would want to reference the information presented.

Our first presentation, Plant Power, was designed to remind all of us exactly how powerful plants are and to remind us to be mindful as we get caught up in pulling weeds, killing bugs, and the hard work of gardening to take some time to marvel at the magnificent powers these beings have. 

It's kind of ironic then that a Facebook friend posted this image today:

The second presentation was about how to recognize plant problems using a basic method of identification.  The presentation contains a step by step process for determining exactly what is bothering your plants.  I'd like to site my resources here:

We had a great time in Canada.  We learned a new word or two, admired their pretty money, got to use our passports for the first time and returned home with what I'm thinking will be a new hobby - vermiculture.