Thursday, October 01, 2015

Season's End

The 2015 harvest season has now officially concluded. 
In all, we officially harvested and delivered 171 pounds to restaurants and individuals and 552 pounds to grocery stores for a total of 723 pounds of herbs, that's 8,832 individual one ounce packages and 173 bags for a total of 9,005 packages of herbs this year! In all, we harvested 800 pounds of herbs this year (that includes the amounts we over-picked or picked and did not sell). 

Doing what we do is not easy, but it is rewarding.  I can't think of any job that smells as good as what we do.  It's a LOT of work but we do it with LOVE and have some fun along the way.  It takes time and diligence to follow the health and safety rules that keep our customers and product safe but it is SO worth it. 

Now it is time to do the things that come when harvest concludes, cleaning out the fields, adding compost, preparing for next year by making notes on what went right and wrong this season, planning for facilities upgrades like new plastic on the high tunnel or screens for the high tunnel to assist with grasshopper control.  It's time to put things to bed...and maybe, if I get time...clean the house really well for the first time since spring. 

Since what we do is work with herbs, and most people only purchase or use one two packages at a time, it doesn't seem like it would take a lot to accomplish, but when you put out over 9,000 of those little buggers over a 14 week season, it is work.  Granted, we're not hauling around tomatoes or squash or other heavy veggies, but it's still back breakingly long days.  We'd like to share with you what it takes to get our product from field to customer on harvest days so we've put together this little video.  We hope you enjoy it. 

And thanks again for all of your support, good wishes, words of encouragement, and feedback throughout the year.

Barry, Holly, and Adam