Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A LOT of catching up to do!

When I was checking in on several other blogs that I like to follow I realized that I had not written in our own blog since early November.  Now, I'm not making any excuses because winter is when those of us in the garden related industries are supposed to have time to just sit, relax, drink warm beverages, read books and romanticize about next years gardens; right?  But honestly, we all know that the holidays are a busy time for everyone and the snow storms have kept us cooped up on the days we weren't busy.

In all reality, 2010 wasn't a stellar year for us so I'm looking forward rather than back at this point.  I am determined to make 2011 a better year for all of us.  I have attacked my reading pile like a rabbit in a carrot patch and am quickly gnawing away at the books I've been waiting all year to read.  I love to read - it's calming and since I read mostly non-fiction - educational as well.  I am determined to finish the tatted ornament that I started two years ago.  So far, I've taken apart what I did wrong last year and have spent several hours 'studying' how to fix it - progress huh? I did a little baking.  I actually successfully made the hubby's favorite holiday candy for the first time in 27 years.  You gotta cut me some slack on this one folks as the recipe includes combining vinegar and baking soda and you know what happens when you do that?  Usually, with me, what happens is either a large rock or a small explosion, but this year I mastered it and the end result was better than the store bought candy I have been substituting for the aforementioned 27 years.  I also made a couple pairs of mittens, both for gifts.  This is way shy of the 10 or 12 pairs I usually make but as I said, it hasn't been a stellar year.

The little dog has been able to feed her addiction for mint as candy canes and mint flavored dog breath drops entered the house early in the month.  The little one is a mint fanatic and nothing makes her happier.  She also got a new coat this winter as after I gave her a haircut she shivered so bad I felt guilty and quickly sewed together a fleece lined felted wool coat to keep her warm.  She's much happier now.

I got a gift card to the book store for the holidays so plan on spending even more time reading.  Once I finish "The Edible History of Humanity" it will be on to "Anastasia", first in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books and hopefully end the winter with "Truck, A Love Story" by Michael Perry.  I'll need a laugh or two by then!  If you haven't read any of these books, I highly recommend them. 

Now, it's back to work, waiting for more snow and training with the little dog for our next Rally Trial in April.  Hope all of you have a great New Years and move into 2011 with great hope for a good year.