Monday, May 26, 2008

Things are picking up!

We sure have gotten busy in the last week or two. I think this summer will be a fun and fast ride for us. First, we had reporters from the Fargo Forum - we were featured in an article that ran in the May 25th edition. They did a great job and we had a lot of fun hosting them. We even got photos of Barry in the article!

The rhubarb harvest needed to be delayed until the weekend of May 30-June 3 or 4th as although the calendar said it was Memorial Day - the rhubarb doesn't read calendars. As far as the rhubarb was concerned it is right on schedule. We'll work on harvest this coming weekend so that means stretching exercises for all of us in preparation for the big harvest. Mom has already started harvesting little bits from the field and has made two pies already. I'm sure we'll have our fill of rhubarb goodies during harvest. She always feeds us so well - thanks Mom!

We're also gearing up for a great summer of classes and tours. Our first tour is booked for June 7th when the spouses of the fire fighters attending the convention in Devils Lake will come out for the morning and see what we've been up to. Other private and public classes and tours are scheduled throughout the summer so we're looking like a real happening place in the next few months.

Yesterday I got the seeds in the ground. I was hoping to plant the perennial herbs out today but with a chance of frost tonight I think I'll hold off. Speaking of herbs - we were able to harvest a bit of lemon balm which our new bar owner Kat featured at her Grand Opening on Saturday. She specialed the gardendwellers Tea (a long island iced tea made with rhubarb juice and lemon balm) and it went over smashingly. Kat had a great crowd for the opening of Kat's Korral and we were really happy to have another business in Churchs Ferry. Best of luck to Kat!

All summer the ND Tourism Division will be sponsoring a Saturday segment on KFGO featuring ND Tourism attractions. We'll be calling in on at least one show but everyone should give a listen and learn all of the great things to do in North Dakota. With gas prices so high, it is time to explore what's in your own backyard. And by the way - check out our schedule of classes on the 'come out and play' page of our web site. You'll find plenty to keep you busy in our backyard!

We'll see you all soon - I'm off to do some weeding.